Windows and Doors

Did you know windows can be a major source of energy loss?

You can change that with an energy-conserving window system. Many of the products we offer meet or exceed Energy Star® standards, and you can choose from vinyl, wood, metal and even impact-resistant windows.

You can also add tinting to reduce solar heat gain and protect your valuable furnishings like hardwood flooring, carpet and furniture from fading, all without affecting the view. Whether you’re replacing your windows and doors or choosing the right windows for a new construction build,  new windows and doors can increase curb appeal, improve efficiency, and decrease your utility bills.

What’s the Different Types of Windows

Vinyl windows are referring to the frame of the window. The common name given to vinyl window is an advanced polymer called Poly-vinyl Chloride, or “PVC”.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

  • Low maintenance

  • Great insulating value

  • Beauty and appearance of wood without the hassle of maintaining it

  • Strength and durability

  • Excellent resistance to rotting, corrosion, salt air, termites and air pollutants.

Vinyl is the most common new windows in the market because of these benefits. The next step is to figure out which style of window is best for you. Which style matches that of your home? What is your budget for windows and doors? Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, there’s a model to fit your specific style, performance and budget needs.

With the years of experience in our arsenal, we can help you determine the right type and style of windows which will meet your needs.